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November 3, 2014 |  Posted in: CMS, Digital Strategy, Intranet

Growing Intranet collaboration through user profiling

The frequency of good and relevant content isn’t the only staple to ward off Intranet abandonment. Maintaining user profiles is fundamental in contributing to the currency of the Intranet, and this responsibility falls into the hands of each user. Of course this activity is largely defined by the tool the user is provided with to update, maintain and improve their own profile within the Intranet. Not all tools allow users to manage their own profiles, and some even remove the ability entirely.

As such, the Intranet software should dynamically contribute to updating a users profile. It should monitor what the user publishes, what they interact with and even what they like and promote to others. Traditionally the effort to ensure a user has the necessary photo, their job title, contact details, etc. in order to create their profile involves a lot of heavy lifting. Enterprise Social Networks have automated a lot of this user profile generation by tracking what a user likes, who they are connected with and the dead simple ability to source their photo from the individuals social media account.

Active user profiles are important as they drive Intranet collaboration and engagement. They act as building blocks for functionality including Staff Directory, Phone Book, Organizational Chart and more. Accurate user profiles underpin the following requirements:

  • Identifying people based on their knowledge and expertise (which can be used to quickly assemble project teams)
  • People searching for the contact details of other people in the organization
  • Discovering content based on what other people are viewing, liking and sharing

Stream User profile

Stream dynamically generates compelling and current user profiles by tracking the engagement of the user through the site.

November 3, 2014 |  Posted in: CMS, Digital Strategy, Intranet
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