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October 16, 2015 |  Posted in: Intranet, Thought Leadership, UX/UI

How the humble Staff Directory can foster team collaboration

When it comes to finding someone in the organization, the humble staff directory has been the trusted tool of choice for some time. Searching for John Travers will return a list of profiles containing John, and then the John Travers I’m looking for. Clicking on his name will display his profile, his skills and importantly his contact details. From here I can click on his email address or pick up the phone and speak with him. This process of searching for and discovering colleagues within the business typically ends there.

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Going back a step, what was my purpose for contacting John Travers? In most cases, it’s more than likely that it relates to getting a work-related task done. So why doesn't the Staff Directory provide the ability to undertake collaboration with John from the moment I find him?

This will rely heavily on the workplace collaboration platform your have implemented, but designing a new work task may involve multiple people (potentially both internal and external to the organization) and group collaboration will be at the center of this task.

Most team collaboration tools manage team discovery and connectivity in varied ways, but most of us know to try the Staff Directory first as a sure fire way of locating the people we want. Being able to connect with staff allows us to learn from and observe how other users within the enterprise Intranet are publishing and sharing content to get work done.

Not only can we view each others contact details, but we’re now sharing our competences and the projects that we’ve been involved with delivering inside and outside the organization.

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Profiles within the Staff Directory should provide more than just contact details. They are living destinations that grow overtime to expose the footprint of influence that every contributing employee makes within their organization. Connecting with others, and learning about the work they have performed, the content they’ve published, the conversations they’ve had and the things that interest them provides the ability to create powerful collaborative workspaces within any organization.


October 16, 2015 |  Posted in: Intranet, Thought Leadership, UX/UI
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