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October 29, 2014 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Intranet

Intranet Search. How content discoverability rules.

Many Intranets fail because they provide a poor search experience. As content grows exponentially, the ongoing indexing and classification of content is fundamental in allowing users to identify the content that can satisfy their needs.

Relevant and accurate information empowers employees to make better informed decisions. The quality of search results will also reduce the time employees spend looking for information and thereby increase productivity and throughput.

Products like Stream provide the expected search functions:

  • Indexing of document content at the time of document uploading
  • Application of security to the search index (preventing users from searching and discovering content that they do not have permission to view and download)
  • Ranking and relevancy of search results based on key search terms and phrases
  • Highlighting of key search terms and phrases within the document
  • Metadata presentation; the author of the content, the date it was created and modified, versions, associations, etc.

Stream Search

Stream enables users to search by keyword, phrase and hashtag.

October 29, 2014 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Intranet
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