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June 28, 2016 |  Posted in: Intranet

Intranet Software for Schools

Shaping the minds of tomorrow requires effective and easy-to-use collaboration tools that enable Staff to plan and deliver for today. Stream for schools is the full Stream Intranet platform, where the only difference is the pricing discount we’re offering schools (K-12). Stream for schools enables primary and secondary schools to introduce an effective and engaging intranet platform that enables Staff to share, discuss, publish, plan and manage classroom and curriculum content, events and more.

Provide a collaboration platform for staff

A well performing school is only as good as the communication of its staff and pupils. Stream provides a central location for staff to post faculty and school announcements, alert all staff or only certain groups of staff with calls to action, enable staff to comment on and like posts, as well as drag and drop document publishing to share with certain groups across topics, schedules, events and more.

Enable staff to schedule meetings and tasks

The easy-to-use Stream calendar enables staff to point and click to create personal calendar entries to assist them with teaching schedules, meetings, school events and more. Staff can also create workspaces and tag calendar events with topics, such as ‘languages’, allowing all staff to browse events based on tagged topics. Calendar items can also be downloaded in iCal format for quickly adding to your desktop email client (Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail are all supported).

Staff profiles encourage support and discovery

Staff members can create and manage their own personal profiles within Stream covering their skills, expertise, topics of interest and more. Staff can also connect with other staff within the school which will result in connected staff seeing what each other has posted to Stream, the content they have commented on, the topics they like and more. This visibility encourages participation and feedback across the staff body.

Staff can collaborate securely on classroom assignments, curriculum discussions and more

Stream supports the creation of public or secure workspaces. These environments enable staff to collaborate on content concerning topics, e.g. classroom assignments, discussions concerning curriculum deliverables, event planning, fund raising initiatives and more. Staff who are invited to join these work spaces can publish securely to these environments, where only staff invited to these work spaces will see the published content. 

Public or private connection groups for different stakeholders

With Stream hosted securely in the cloud, you can setup secure areas to invite specific audiences to access, e.g. students, parents, committees and trusted members of the public. Now your school can share learning resources with these audiences, support a secure environment for feedback and commentary and encourage participation.

Powerful document management for staff

Stream enables staff to simply drag and drop documents from their desktop directly into pages and connections groups which they have access to within Stream. At the heart of Stream is a powerful document management system that features full version control, sharing, tagging management and more. With roles based security, schools can manage access privileges to folders and documents managed within Stream.

Secure cloud hosting included  

Stream for schools is securely hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) across data centers in North and South America, UK, Europe, Singapore and Australia. Our annual pricing includes hosting with Amazon with additional plans allowing schools to choose if they want to manage their own private cloud.


Common questions regarding Stream for Schools

Q. What currency is the pricing listed on the website?

A. All pricing is US dollars. The credit card you supply will be charged in US dollars.

Q. The education price states US$450 per annum. Is that it?

A. Yes. You can purchase Stream for Schools for the education price of US$450 per annum. There is no limit to the number of staff member accounts. The fee is a ‘per school’ fee, so if you’re a small school or a very large school, the pricing remains the same.

Q. How do I trial Stream for Schools?

A. Easy. Simply sign up here and make sure to use your formal school email address. You will then receive an email inviting you to create a new 14 day trial account. Once you have created your account, we’ll reach out by email to provide any assistance you may require during your trial.

Q. What happens when the 14 day trial expires?

A. When your trial expires you will no longer have access to your trial account. You can choose to enter your credit card information and choose the Stream for Schools plan. The credit card you nominate will then be charged US$450 and your Stream for Schools will become active.

Q. Do you provide a refund?

A. In the event your school pays but later you don't feel Stream for Schools is a good match, we’ll happily refund the US$450 within 14 days of the transaction. There are no refunds after this period.

Q. Do you also provide support?

A. While we’ve developed Stream to be intuitive and simple to use, we understand that sometimes you have specific questions. While we do not provide dedicated support for the Stream for Schools offer, we’ll happily answer your queries via email within 1-3 working days.

Q. Where is Stream for Schools hosted?

A. Stream is hosted exclusively in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Northern California. If you are in another part of the world, we can certainly provide Stream for Schools closer to your neighborhood.

Q. Is there a file limit for the Stream for Schools plan?

A. Yes. There is a 500GB limit, which is actually a large amount of space. We monitor the sizing of all Stream accounts and if there’s ever a chance you will exceed this limit, we’ll be in contact to discuss options with you for increasing your space. Storage is cheap, so don't panic if we need to work together to increase it.


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June 28, 2016 |  Posted in: Intranet
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