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October 27, 2014 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Intranet, Thought Leadership

Planning an Intranet that staff will use

Launching a new Intranet that will engage staff and drive ongoing user engagement is a challenging and complex task. Most Intranets suffer from the ‘boom to bust’ complex; the organization is excited by the new digital destination, but interest wanes quickly as it doesn't feature as an intimate part of everyday work flows within the organization. The following high-level points will assist in building value for staff using the new Intranet.

Develop compelling and relevant content

While it might be an old adage, ‘content is king’ is still more relevant than ever. Staff will always gravitate towards an Intranet that is timely and relevant, and this is largely driven by the content the organization can prepare and publish to its audience. Dependent on the Intranet software, administrators and subject matter experts should define a regular Intranet publishing calendar. Preparing content for weekly publishing is an achievable goal even by the most time poor.

Ensure the dynamic creation of user profiles

People power Intranets. The presence of up to date and relevant staff profiles on any Intranet are fundamental to the currency of how the Intranet is viewed as the trusted source of truth. Ensure staff have a simple way of ensuring their contact details, knowledge and expertise and the content that is of interest to them can be easily updated by them and viewable by all.

Provide a powerful Intranet Search

Relevant Intranet content is only as valuable as its ability to be discovered by everyone. Many Intranets lack a search engine that properly indexes all content types which are created by Intranet authors; web content, documents, user details, metadata and more.

Offer Social Collaboration tools

With the ongoing consumerization of the enterprise, staff are expecting enterprise software to be as intuitive and responsive as consumer web applications that they use; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. A modern Intranet should provide staff with social collaboration tools for the creation and sharing of content that they publish.

Ensure the Intranet provides integrated Document Management

The cornerstone of any valuable Intranet is the management of documents. Every organization relies on documentation to run the business. Some organizations will employ dedicated Document Management Systems that are separate to the Intranet, while others will expect an integrated Intranet & Document Management solution. If you’re running an Intranet that also operates as a federated Document Management repository, ensure that the Document Management features support the entire Document Management lifecycle.

Users appreciate simple Web Content publishing tools

Great Intranets are defined by timely and relevant content. While Intranet software has evolved, there are still many platforms that hinder the authoring experience for non-technical users. Providing simple and intuitive Web Content publishing tools will empower staff to contribute content more often.

October 27, 2014 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Intranet, Thought Leadership
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