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October 31, 2014 |  Posted in: CMS, Trending

SharePoint Alternatives.

It’s everywhere. It has become the default within the enterprise through the convenience of the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement, coupled with the fact that a lot of CIO’s view it as a cornerstone application for the enterprise. While the general consensus is you can do almost anything with SharePoint, the reality is none of them can be done particularly well. Given the rise of mobile within the enterprise, how does SharePoint remain relevant? iOS and Android will continue to dominate for years to come (with Android the clear winner), and enterprises are fast embracing a Mobile First strategy for information management and distribution.

There are many SharePoint alternatives that provide document management (Box, Huddle), content management (Sitecore, Drupal), enterprise social networking (Jive, Lithium), and the ability to be used on mobile devices (yes, mobile platforms other than Windows Mobile) and more. A lot of these products do a better job and cost a lot less, and most of them don't require lengthy configuration and customization timeframes in order to become usable. But this realization is permeating throughout the enterprise, with global Google searches for SharePoint declining by more than 5% year on year since its peak in 2009.

Global Google Search Interest Sharepoint

This data could be interpreted as SharePoint reaching a saturation point in terms of marketplace education, or that people are frustrated by the reported $8B per annum that SharePoint implementation services have rendered for Microsoft channel partners and that customers are now looking for more salient and cost competitive alternatives.

Stream provides a more personalized experience for users who are collaborating and contributing in the creation and management of an Intranet, and its accessible across PC, Tablet and Phone. We consider Stream at the intersection of where SharePoint and Yammer exist as a value proposition, yet Stream doesn't require hundreds of man hours to install, setup and configure and costs a fraction of what SharePoint takes to get going within an organization. Ironically SharePoint can impede user productivity because of the time to get the software up and running. In comparison, an organization can have Stream up and running in a day.

October 31, 2014 |  Posted in: CMS, Trending
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