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September 18, 2014 |  Posted in: Intranet

Common questions about Stream licensing

The Stream social Intranet software can be deployed in the Cloud (we recommend Amazon Web Services) or within your own infrastructure on-premise. Following are common questions raised by our customers about Stream licensing.

General questions

Q. What currency is the pricing listed on the website?
A. US dollars. If you are in Australia it excludes GST.

Q. Do you host Stream on your own infrastructure?
A. No. We deploy and manage Stream (the Cloud version) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Q. What happens when the 14 day trial expires?
A. When the trial expires, you’ll no longer have access to your Stream trial. You can choose to enter your credit card information at that time and choose a Stream paid plan to move to. You can also use Stream for 3 users for free, forever.

Q. Do you store my credit card information?
A. No. We work with a trusted 3rd party provider (Infusionsoft) who will charge your credit card on a monthly basis once you have signed up for a paid plan.

Q. What happens to my content if I choose to cancel my Stream Cloud subscription?
A.  Your Stream account will be permanently removed from our Cloud service, i.e. you will lose all of your content.

Q. Is paying by Credit Card the only payment option?
A. The Cloud option of Stream does require a valid Credit Card. However, the on-premise version of Stream can be paid either by Credit Card or by Bank Wire Transfer.

Stream free licensing

Q. Is the free three user license free forever?
A. Yes.

Q. Can we upgrade to a paid level if we want to add more users?
A. Yes. We can help you migrate to a paid plan. At this time, you cannot perform this migration yourself.

Stream hosting in the Cloud

Q. Do you support more than 500 users on the Cloud platform?
A. At this time we do not support more than 500 users within our Cloud offering of Stream. We are working towards supporting a dedicated Cloud option in a future release of the product.

Q. Is there a file size limit for each plan in the Cloud?
A. We currently do not impose a file size limit. We closely monitor the size of each account. We have contacted individual customers and informed them they should consider moving to a dedicated plan with AWS due to the nature of how they are using Stream.

Q. Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan at any time?
A.  Yes. We can help you upgrade or downgrade your plan. At this time, you cannot perform this upgrade or downgrade yourself.

Q. Do you support other hosting providers other than Amazon Web Services?
A. At this time we only provide Stream on AWS.

Deploying Stream on your own server

Q. How do I download Stream?
A. Please contact us and we’ll start a conversation with you about what is the best package to send to you (Windows or Linux, MS SQL or MySQL, etc.)

Q. Do you provide a service to install Stream on our server?
A. Yes, if you would prefer us to remotely connect to your server and install Stream, we’re more than happy to assist you in that capacity.

Q. What supporting software do we require to run Stream on-premise?
A. Stream is a Java Web Application. It has been deployed to both Windows & Linux platforms, and supports either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL databases.

Q. Is annual support included in the annual license cost?
A. No. We will share the details of the support level based on the seat licensing you select.

Q. What if I want to move Stream to another server. Can I do that?
A. Yes. You can install Stream on as many servers as you like. Each Stream instance will require its own license.

September 18, 2014 |  Posted in: Intranet
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