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September 18, 2014 |  Posted in: CMS, Intranet, Social Media

Stream Overview

Getting started with Stream is simple. Designed for busy professionals, Stream is an intuitive and powerful Intranet platform built around the principles of social media. If you have ever posted something on Facebook, followed someone on Twitter or chosen to connect with someone on LinkedIn, then you have the skills necessary to start using Stream within your organization. The following is a quick tour of Stream.

Stream Dashboard

The dashboard aggregates and displays everything published to Stream by everyone across the business. You can like and comment on individual items in the Stream, and also discover new people to connect with. Stream displays all content types, no matter if users have posted documents, images, video or discussions.

Stream Dashboard

User profiles in Stream

Everyone who joins Stream has his or her own profile page. You can see who has connected with whom, the content an individual has posted to Stream, and what Connection Groups a user has created. Stream enables users to connect with each other through an invitation only process. Once connected, any content posted by that user will appear in your Stream dashboard. You can choose to disconnect with any user at any time.

Stream User Profiles

Document Management in Stream

Stream provides a solid Document Management environment in use by small and large teams. You can create folders, upload documents via the browser-based interface (or through Dropbox), and control security around folders. Users can check out, download and check in documents via the Resources interface. Stream enables users to tag their documents using pre-defined tags. Once tagged, you can click on tags to view all associated documents in Stream from one view.

Stream Document Management

Publishing pages in Stream

Web content publishing is a straightforward process in Stream. Supporting a traditional Intranet publishing model, users with privileges are able to create and manage web pages within Stream with point and click simplicity. Tagging pages enables users to associate other content (documents, images and video) with pages.

Stream Page Publishing

Posting to Stream

Pushing content into Stream is simple. While interfaces exist for more traditional methods of Intranet publishing, namely creating web pages with content and uploading documents via the Resources interface, posting a comment at the top of the screen takes seconds and empowers anyone to become active contributors. Simply enter a comment, choose to add a photo, video or document and then choose the destination within Stream. Click on Post and you’re done.

Stream Posting

Creating Connection groups in Stream

Want to create hidden work groups from the rest of the organization? Connection Groups enable any user to create a group, choose which users to invite into the group, and then post to and manage content and discussions securely within the group. Users who are not part of the group are unable to view content or discover this content via search. 

Stream Connection Groups

Searching in Stream

At the heart of Stream is a powerful search engine that indexes the content of all MS Office and PDF documents, including all published web content. Users can also perform searches based on hash tags, e.g. searching for ‘fashion’ would return different results than searching for ‘#fashion’.

Stream Searching

Project Workspaces

Collaboration between staff, and easy access to updated information and resources is essential for successful project management.

Stream’s Project Workspaces allow team members to document information, communicate and access relevant resources around projects that they are working on together.

The Project Workspaces template allows project description, updated project notes (with editing feature), team member discussion panel and dynamic linking of related resources.

Project Workspaces blog image

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September 18, 2014 |  Posted in: CMS, Intranet, Social Media
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