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Stream Workspace UI & UX Updates

We've updated Stream Workspace to provide an enhanced user experience and additional functionality.

Check out the series of new updates.

The Stream Dashboard

Supporting company posts now feature more prominently within the Stream Intranet update. Now you can drag and drop your company branding directly onto the homepage and define a background image. The dashboard has been redesigned to prominently display posts made by your Connections, and encourages team members to post more often to The Buzz.


Global Navigation Update

In the new Stream update, we’ve enhanced the way users access Pages, Connection Groups and their personal Profiles. User can now easily navigate to pages within Stream from the left-hand pop out navigation. The same approach is also used to create and navigate Connection Groups.


Google Suite Integration Update

We’ve improved the way you can save your Google Docs and Spreadsheets within Stream. Once you’ve pasted the URL to your Google Doc within Stream, you can associate tags, post comments on the Google docs and share them with other Stream users.


Direct Messaging

Stream now supports the opportunity to chat with one or more users. By including the @ symbol when creating a post, Stream will automatically filter users that you’re connected with based on the characters you enter. Direct messaging provides a private chat solution, allowing users to create discussion threads between one or many users.


User Profile update

The new User Profile represents a major update to how users manage their activities within Stream. A new left-hand menu is personalized for each user, and presents Notifications, Direct Messages and access to Connection Groups and Events that the user has created


Enhanced Connection Groups

The use of both public and private Connection Groups within Stream has allowed team members to create project work spaces, create resource collections and client feedback environments. Due to the high usage of Connection Groups, we expanded the way you create and manage them. The revised user interface now enables the average user to manage dozens of groups covering a myriad of business needs.

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