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January 17, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Trending

Stream's had a BIG update

The start of a new year brings new features and improvements to Stream. We’ve outlined some of the key features that are now available within the product and invite you to experience the Intranet that staff love to use. 

AtMentions image


Stream now supports peer to peer and peer to group conversations through @mentions. Entering a users name allows users to conduct conversations and share content directly via the Stream platform. Users can also choose to share with other Connections, Groups and Workspaces to extend the conversation to a larger audience. 

You’ll also never miss a conversation via @mentions – Stream sends you notifications via email and directly to your Profile. When you access your profile page recent notifications appear directly on screen, with visual indication of the number of notifications appearing on the profile icon.


Stream advanced profiles

Advanced Profiles

Stream now provides the ability for users to build out detailed profiles covering their skills, expertise, education, associations, hobbies and more. Users can now discover other users within Stream through conducting searches based on these new profile attributes. 

The new profile functionality allows deeper collaboration and knowledge sharing with colleagues based around expertise and experience, and builds culture through greater awareness of colleague interests and background.


Stream Events android


Stream now supports the ability for users to create and manage both public and private events. The simple point and click process of defining events, who the audience for the event is and who can view and edit event items enables teams both large and small to manage events across departments, or the entire organization.  

Housed within a dedicate section, utilizing both list and calendar views, events in Stream are clear and intuitive.


Share message stream devices

Document Management improvements 

Stream has always provided a comprehensive document management solution offering full version control, text based indexing for searching, metadata tagging and more. 

We’ve now taken Document Management within Stream a step further by introducing the ability to:

  • Share documents from Stream (users can now Email the document to another user directly from within Stream, as well as Copy the document link and share externally),
  • Post Messages on documents (post comments on different document versions), as well as 
  • View different versions of documents from within the browser.


January 17, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Trending
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