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June 1, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Mobile

We've launched a new version of Stream, the innovative Intranet

Our goal continues to be the design and development of an intuitive and powerful Intranet platform for teams working in small to medium businesses, right through to supporting teams within the enterprise.

The new Stream represents a continuous process of improvement and refinement. We’ve listen to customers, and learnt lessons on what matters to users when they choose to put Stream at the center of their operation. We wanted to share a few of the enhancements and new features now available within the new version of Stream.

Improved Group Management

Stream - new Groups navigation

Stream now provides an integrated menu for accessing and creating Connection Groups. Clicking on the global Groups icon will instantly display all of the Groups you’re managing, as well as Groups you’ve been invited to join and collaborate on with others.

Dynamic Page Navigation

Stream - new page navigation

Can Stream be used to manage thousands of pages? Yes it can. We’ve implemented a new page management system that enables teams to get ambitious with the number of pages they want to create and publish within Stream.

Full Screen Image Galleries

Stream is a visual based social Intranet encouraging users to explore and discover content published by other users within their network. We’ve dramatically enhanced the posting of content to Stream, and now support the ability for users to associate an unlimited number of images with a single post. The result is an interactive full-screen experience to view, shuffle and play through a collection of images presented as an image gallery. If you want to sell your idea to the team, then the image gallery allows your team to explore, realize and appreciate your vision.

Native Mobile App

Stream Mobile App

We’ve always wanted Stream to be a native experience right in the palm of your hand. As every organization around the world moves from desktop to a mobile work experience, we want to enable you to post, comment, view and share Intranet content directly from your iPhone and tablet. We’re excited to be releasing the new iOS native app in the coming weeks (with Android to follow) and look forward to announcing when the app is live in the App Store.

June 1, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Mobile
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