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April 20, 2015 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Intranet

Why traditional Intranets fail

Traditional Intranets lack user awareness. They are largely one way ‘down stream’ platforms that offer no ability for users to push ‘up stream’ and be discovered. Stream was designed from the ground up to re-engage people in the art of collaboration. Unlike a more conventional intranet, Stream evolves as people follow and interact with each others content. Traditional Intranet fail for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Deep navigation structures. It’s difficult for staff to discover content that is relevant for their ‘just in time’ needs.
  • Everything to nobody. Intranets deliver sizeable content flow that is largely irrelevant to the individual, leaving most staff disengaged.
  • Poor search experience. Simple keyword and phrase search is no longer enough. Deep contextual search that indexes and discovers all content is what staff want.

The benefits of an enterprise social Intranet include:

  • Ability for staff to connect through social collaboration. Working with people on a project and interacting with their posts, choosing to like or comment on their contributions, drives more engagement and empowers staff to collaborate. Traditional Intranets offer no such user experience.
  • Find, Share and Discuss content. Sharing across single or multiple groups drives content reuse and discoverability.
  • Content and experience, as it relates to the individual. As staff grow their connections within a social Intranet (based on people they might be working with on a project), their Intranet content experience will augment to display new content.
April 20, 2015 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Intranet
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