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As an innovative Intranet platform, Stream offers a suite of RESTful web services which allows organizations to connect external services so they form part of the Stream experience for users. Following are current integrations, with support for new services coming later in 2016.


If you have content stored away in a Dropbox account, connect it to Stream and give it a new life. Once connected, Stream will index your Dropbox folders so you can search, tag and profile content in unique ways and with different audiences across connection groups.  

Office & Outlook

Stream supports integration with various versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook. Users can work natively within Office and publish documents in a version-controlled fashion to and from the Stream environment. When users receive emails from team members or customers, they can check these emails into Stream and associate them with projects.

Zapier (coming soon)

With the proliferation of SaaS and the myriad of useful cloud-based apps to choose from, Zapier is like digital glue for connecting these disparate SaaS apps together. The Stream integration with Zapier will enable organizations to connect their collection of SaaS solutions into one managed view for users. 

 |  Posted in: Intranet
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