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Any modern Intranet software should provide a simple and intuitive way for staff to tag their content. Once staff are actively tagging content, this provides powerful ways of grouping collections of content to automate project management tasks and present specific types of content to different audiences.

Display of all content tagged with 'Design' in Stream Workspace

Stream enables staff to create tags freely through entering text labels within the Tag field. Stream will also present tags that already exist and allow users to choose from a pick list of existing tags to use.

Users can quickly view all content relating to a specific tag by clicking on the tag displayed within the dashboard. Stream will present a new view and dynamically display pages, documents, photos, users and discussions that have been tagged with the chosen tag. 

Tag management within Stream enables users to view all tags that have been created by all users from one location. Each tag displays the number of resources that it has been associated with in Stream. Users can also modify an existing tag by clicking and editing the tag. Stream will automatically update all associated content with the edited tag. 

 |  Posted in: Intranet
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