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User Profiles

Imagine a staff intranet where you can discover other staff members and view their individual profile page. Stream allows users to manage and maintain their own personal profile page where they are encouraged to connect with other users they work with, create connection groups and review what they have commented on and liked as they’ve used the Intranet over a period of time.

Users can manage their own profile pages within Stream Workspace

Connecting with other users

Stream encourages users to connect with each other in the same way you connect with friends on Facebook, and connect with professional colleagues on LinkedIn. As users connect with more team members over time, their Stream will start to display content that their connections have published, commented on and liked throughout the Intranet.

Users managed within Stream can be populated from an Active Directory source, or Stream administrators can create and manage user accounts directly within the Stream Intranet dashboard.

When the Stream Staff Directory is enabled, team members can search and discover other team members by name, location, job title, project experience and more.

Expertise Management

Imagine sitting at your desk and wondering ‘how do I find out who knows about that client, or that project, or who worked with that supplier?’ If you’re looking to locate someone within the organization based on their working experience, then User Profiles within Stream enable individuals to update and manage their expertise. Imagine having a platform like LinkedIn, but only available for use within your organization.

Staff using the Stream Intranet are able to complete their personal profiles, list their skills, their educational background, professional interests and more. When users perform an Intranet search, for example a team member searches for ‘CRM project managers’, Stream will return not only content that contains this phrase, but also any users who have this phrase listed within their profile. 

 |  Posted in: Intranet
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