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Visual Dashboard

Most Intranets suffer from one key trait. They’re just plain static. Usually content is published by authors, links are generated dynamically on the homepage, yet most people aren’t interested. Why is this? Because for most people, the content isn’t relevant to who they are or what they do.

Stream considers who you are, and who you’re connected with. It dynamically generates a homepage based on what groups you’re a member of, who you’re connected to, and who is interacting with your content. Users have described Stream as a ‘living and breathing’ interactive intranet that is constantly changing based on the content being published by those people you are connected with. 

Each time you log into Stream, the visual homepage will dynamically change to reflect what’s happening in Stream at that time. What has been posted to Stream, and by who. Which users have commented on a post that you’ve already commented on. Which users have requested to connect with you and more.

 |  Posted in: Intranet
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