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If the Staff Intranet delivers relevant and timely content to everyone across the organization, then Workspaces deliver targeted content to specific users. Workspaces can be either public or secure, and are dedicated environments within the Stream Intranet where team members can collaborate to get work done.

Creating and managing Workspaces within Stream

Workspaces enable a team, or the entire department to access and publish content associated with a specific topic. Consider a Marketing Workspace where the marketing team can publish, share and comment on current projects, review campaigns and deal with suppliers. Meanwhile the Sales team are publishing and tagging the latest customer proposals, commenting on customer accounts and sharing links to new opportunities.

Workspaces are managed using security roles, allowing you to setup work environments for different groups of people. This includes external audiences including clients, business partners, suppliers and more. Workspaces provide the flexibility of setting up online work environments that reflect the way your organization currently works.

 |  Posted in: Intranet
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