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September 27, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Mobile, Trending, UX/UI

The Stream Intranet Mobile App

Stream Intranet is now native on iOS

As the process of work moves from the desktop to mobile, we all seek tools that allow us to collaborate with other team members using native apps. The future of work is mobile. We’re excited to announce that Stream for iOS is now available in the App Store. The innovative Intranet is now in your pocket!  We’re still working on the Android version, and will be looking to launch it within the next few months.

Following are some key highlights of the new Stream iOS application.

Comment on and like posts in your Stream

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When you first launch Stream, the app will fetch all the posts that have been published by your connections. You can swipe up to browse and then choose to interact with individual posts through commenting directly or simply choosing to like a post made by one of your connections. You can also include hyperlinks and #hashtags to make your comments discoverable by other users. 

Search across content, documents and conversations
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Stream enables you to perform comprehensive searches of your Stream Intranet right from your iOS device. Searching within Stream will find results within documents, web content and conversations that have occurred between groups and individuals. Stream will also apply security and will only show results that the user has permission to view.

Post to the company, the buzz or only to specific groups
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Stream enables you to choose your audience first, and then post your message to that audience. You can also choose to take a photo to append to your new post, or choose an existing photo from your photo library.

Mentioning other team members
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When you’re commenting on posts, or choosing to create your own post, you can @mention other team members. They will be notified in real-time of your post, and can reply from their Stream app or via the Stream web app.

Browse Intranet pages using your finger

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Stream allows you to create traditional Intranet web pages which can be presented natively inside the Stream app. Publish any type of web content, including rich graphics and forms, and enable users to view and interact with this web content natively from within the Stream app.

Browse documents, view versions and make comments
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Stream enables you to access documents when you’re on the go. In addition to viewing Office and PDF documents natively within Stream, the app also provides the ability to view multiple versions of a document as well as comment on documents and share them with other Stream users. 

Stream for iPad
Stream App blog post 08

The extra inches the iPad affords makes the user experience of Stream more exciting to work with. Browsing photo’s published by team members and viewing documents full screen on an iPad is how the application should be experience. A modern slate for the future of work.

September 27, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Mobile, Trending, UX/UI
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